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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rich Sigberman Art & Illustration

Rich Sigberman

Featuring Jazz, Pop, and Abstract Artwork
Clients are raving about San Francisco Bay Area artist Rich Sigberman:

I rely on Rich for the creative interpretation. He's terrific at that kind of brainstorming, and he usually gives me a range of options from serious to humorous, and in several styles.

Thousands of people agree that Rich's use of humor and lively colors in his painting convey the joyful feeling that our music brings to the clients we serve.

He's absolutely wonderfully creative, easy to work with - extremely personable.

I highly recommend Rich both for his creativity and for the energy he puts into any project he is involved in.

Rich is tops in the world at it to me. And, by the way, he's a real easy guy to work with ... my last bass player put him through the mill and he never blew a fuse!

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The Art of Rich Sigberman
Rich Sigberman’s architectural illustrations came to my attention when a friend gave me a copy of the Livermore Valley Wine Map & Visitors Guide.

As you will soon discover, Rich has a playful style, incorporating a vivid palette, his life-long love of jazz music, and a comprehensive background in cartoon art and drawing.

Rich has been working as an artist and illustrator since 1983. His designs have been featured on book covers, CD art, music festival posters, business collateral, and advertisements for a diverse clientele. Rich’s architectural illustrations are popular with realtors, shopping mall managers, and home owners.

Many of his designs are available as Giclee print reproductions and 11 x 17 color copies mounted on foam core board. Featured below are samples from Rich’s portfolio—a bit of jazz and pop art, and his delicate, architectural illustrations.

Jazz Art Gallery

Rich Sigberman
Rich Sigberman
Rich Sigberman
Blue Sax Redux
Rich Sigberman
Muddy Waters
Rich Sigberman
Grant Green's Blues

Pop Art Gallery

Rich Sigberman
Presenting Betty Boop
Rich Sigberman
Fractured Mickey
Rich Sigberman
Music Cubism
Rich Sigberman
Mickey in Musicland
Rich Sigberman
Picasso's Last Stand

Architectural Illustrations

Rich Sigberman
Frank Howard Allen Holiday Card
Rich Sigberman
House from Blueprint
Rich Sigberman
The Pritikin Mansion Inns
Rich Sigberman
Home on the Hill
Rich Sigberman
Blacksmith Square in Livermore

Vinny the Repo Elf
Written by Muriel Anderson Ballard
Illustrated by Rich Sigberman

Look out naughty children of all ages! There's a new elf in town:
"Yes, Vinny, there's work for your kind of elf,
to retrieve misplaced gifts, put 'em back on the shelf.
There's a lesson in this and I'm sure you'll agree.
The children must learn to have integrity!

Rich Sigberman
With my background in cartoon art and drawing, I developed my “editorial style” work through four years at the Times Tribune newspaper in Palo Alto, honing an ability to read material, get to the heart of the story, and come up with graphic images for it.

Dmitri Matheny - Jazz Noir
Livermore Public Library

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