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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Wine Seeker's Guide to Livermore Valley by Thomas C. Wilmer

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Author Thomas C. Wilmer
Award winning author and photographer Thomas Wilmer knows a thing or two about travel—he's been around the world four times and has logged more than two million miles over the course of his successful writing career. You'd never guess from Thomas Wilmer's website that he was dragged kicking and screaming to the Internet by friends and colleagues. I love this statement from his contact page:

Thomas C. Wilmer resides in Morro Bay, California, but travels the world extensively. The best way to catch up with him is by e-mail, unless he’s on the high seas or riding a camel or something, in which case he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.

Though he specializes in stories about international travel, Thomas Wilmer resides in Morro Bay, California, and has written two books about travel along the Golden State coast: Romancing the Coast: Romantic Getaways Along the California Coast and California Coast Getaways: Classic Resorts and Inns Along the Coast Between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Thomas Wilmer has also authored countless magazine and newspaper articles, and has a special gift for telling stories about the people and places he's encountered around the world.

Livermore Valley Wine Country
His latest book showcases one of California's oldest winemaking regions, the Livermore Valley. The Wine Seeker's Guide to Livermore Valley is the first exclusive guide to one of the San Francisco bay area's hidden gems. The book features more than forty wineries, including photographs and interviews with winery owners and winemakers. Also provided are directions, operating hours, and contact information for each participating Livermore Valley winery.

Although vines had been planted as far back as 1832, the International Paris Exposition in 1889 marked the debut of the Livermore wine region on the world scene. Charles Wetmore's Cresta Blanca Sauternes beat 17,000 international contenders and brought home the coveted Grande Prix, as well as a gold medal. Another gold medal was awarded to Adrian Chauche's Monte-Rouge. The Valley has been a vibrant, wine-producing region ever since.

The Wine Seeker's Guide to Livermore Valley
by Thomas C. Wilmer

The area's rich history is woven throughout the book, which includes interviews with winemakers on both ends of the spectrum. Tri-Valley Area wineries range from industry giants Wente and Concannon which produce nearly half a million cases annually—to small, family-owned operations like Longevity Wines and Eagle Ridge Vineyard which produce 1,000.

In addition to area history and profiles about the local wineries, Thomas Wilmer offers a guidebook for the Tri-Valley Area, with information about restaurants, golf, local hiking trails, the Niles Canyon Wine Train, and other places of interest. Even for someone like myself who grew up in the area, this information-packed volume is the latest must-have resource for anyone who wants to celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness of this popular wine region. It's a great gift idea for anyone who shares a passion for the history and beauty of Livermore, California.

Romancing the Coast
Romantic Getaways Along the California Coast
by Thomas C. Wilmer

Welcome to Livermore Wine Country
Livermore Wine
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

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Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery
Produced by Thomas Wilmer

Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery
Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery
Photographed by Kim Giancaterino

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